What We Treat


Conditions That Benefit from our Chiropractor’s Care

Our resident Chiropractor provides care for a very wide range of conditions, both chronic and those of recent onset.


Almost everyone can benefit from expert care in all ages groups including elderly, teenagers and even babies.

The care that our Chiropractors offer is based upon promoting a healthy nervous system and optimal spinal and joint function.


Our Peoria Chiropractor Office is Multi-Disciplinary

We believe strongly that to give our patients the best healthcare we use a multi-disciplined team and at this location our patients enjoy the care from arguably the best Chiropractor in Peoria AZ.


Our Peoria Chiropractor, offers three different techniques to suit every patient 


Expert Podiatry Assessment


Soft Tissue Therapies


Dedicated Electro-therapy and Ultrasound Team


Physical Rehabilitation Team


How A Chiropractor Helps Pain Levels & Improves Function

The nervous system supplies the proper nerve signals to organs, muscles and blood vessels and if there is a nerve dysfunction present, then issues may arise over time.


These may manifest as obvious pain syndromes such as the classic “pinched nerve”  or something less straightforward.

The negative effects of nerve dysfunction may be much more subtle, leading to onset of health problems over months or even years.

Symptoms may show themselves as low grade or acute pain pain, muscle soreness, stress and overall body tension.


Chiropractic is a proven treatment for subluxation, which can be thought of as bones being out of alignment, this is regularly treated by our Peoria team and resident Chiropractor.


A skilled chiropractor will always aim to correct these issues and resolve the underlying cause, rather than the symptoms alone.

Our team at Fletcher Heights Chiropractic are all highly experienced in their particular specialty and abide by the code of ethics as laid down by the American Chiropractors Association.


Contact us today at our Peoria office, to discuss make an appointment to see one of our experienced team members.