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Our team within our Peoria office, have many years of experience and are committed to improving every patient’s health and long term wellness.

We assure you that every person that visits our team of experienced practitioners, is treated with the utmost care and an understanding of their particular needs, in a gentle and expert manner.


The Peoria Chiropractor Team

The team at our Peoria office, specialize in the treatment of neck and back pain, headaches, severe migraine and many more conditions including long term bio-mechanical issues.


In addition, we also have many years experience in helping chronic low back or neck conditions, recent injuries, headaches, disc problems, injuries related to automobile  accidents or sporting injuries.

Our offices are conveniently located and offer natural treatment choices to relieve pain of all types


Full Bio-Mechanical Assessment

Patients will receive a thorough and comprehensive consultation that includes full spine analysis and examination. This is used as a basis to devise a full treatment plan, before starting your care.


Our Commitment To You

“We never forget that every patient is an individual and we are here to help you achieve your goal, whether that is relief from immediate pain or rehabilitation and improved wellness.”


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